Lovely sea

I hear sea’s fever in my head
As its moon is up and about.

I stand here by a lonely sea
But swear by the lovely sea.

I run my fever by lovely sea,
Behind a sad-assed balcony .

(On reading John Mansfield’s poem “Sea Fever”)




Everything fades

Before sea is a fading midnight
Of drunk cars returning home.

Everything fades, even the sea.
Imagination fades in the glass,

Where the lips move to mutter
And mutter fades behind time.


Better use blade of grass to pray,
To offer with leaves and flowers

To mother -goddess of learning
Who writes poetry on a tongue.

Blade is prettily dressed in frost,
To write with on a boy’s tongue.

Mosquito fires

In just six lines poets conquer
The world in a tiny mosquito.

Poets swing bats in night’s air
To make little mosquito fires.

The fires make a few sputters
To die away in common ears.

Bigger dad

Mother has no father to her kids
But there is bigger dad beaming

Anywhere ,in an almond leaf fall,
As hundred- eight toothy smiles.

Mother of eight saves their souls,
Keeps bodies and souls together.

(On a visit to the SOS  Children’s Village , Visakhapatnam)

No more affairs

If it is wind that brings the tide,
God knows where wind begins.

Right now it brings dead turtle
After a tide passes in its affairs.

After the massive tide in affairs,
God ,there are no more affairs.