It is briefly held endurance
And what cannot be cured.

Aftermath is a mere saying
Held in mustache brackets.

It is event, a happenstance
Within limits of endurance.

Stone is a mossy statement
Of duration stating for ever.


Essence is shadow

We make up many  shadows
Of which we are the essence.

We make stories of ourselves
So as to make a sense of life.

Street lamp has a moth halo,
Stirring  impulsive  shadows.

Like rain moths, we make up
Essence from many shadows.


His orchard is heavy with sun
After his sun is no more dying

Again and again and orchard
Turns heavy with sun’s rising.

The ripe apples fall to a grass
As apples are heavy with sun.

(Remembering Rilke’s Orchard poem)

A dog’s dignity

Rain on a bridge walks a dog,
Dog and rain, a re-purposing.

Sleep is re-purposing a birth,
A side -street to re-route life.

We will put sick dog to sleep.
There is more dignity to life

And uncle says let a love die
Since love is a dignity to die.

Water bottle

I come upon Babul trees
On the sides of highway.

The trees reach upwards
To a translucent blue sky

As I crinkle eyes upward
In its  green leafy spaces

Man’s empty water bottle
Continues against Babuls.

Sun flowers

You  have sun flowers to sun.
They turn their heads all day.

Be maximum alive in a body
And celebrate the sun flower

At the maximum sun of day.
Live your maximum sunlight

While a sun is still in window,
Before your sun flower drops.

( Van Gogh is the famous painter of Sunflowers. “Maximum alive” is reference to Mar Oliver’s poem The Fourth Sign of the Zodiac ,Part 3,)

Little spider

Little spider held its real time
With pearls in a morning sun

And filaments after filaments,
Made bridges to its vastness,

Only to find pearl maker rain
Fell heavy upon its gossamer

And it has to make its bridges
All over again to its vastness.

(Reading Walt Whitman’s poem “A Noiseless Patient Spider”)