The mango and the crow

We are now in the other poems
About a ten year old mango tree

One does not know if still exists
And then about swooping crow

That was stealing a carbolic soap
Now fails to come to eat our rice.


Grandpa in the milky way

We were busy spotting in sky
Grandpa who now lives there.

It seems it was a holiday next
With stars sleeping in the hall.

They had their arms and feet
Intertwined in the deep sleep.

So hard to map a sleeping star,
We gave up locating grandpa.


Window shuts a sun’s eyes softly.
My body stands fearless at sunset

On floor dappled by ripe sunlight.
I stand upright beside a tall clock

Wedged between a sleep and time
To look sunset in the eye defiantly.

Blue state

We are in our blue state of mind
Because a sky covers us like hell

Because wherever went had blue
Walls against some head turbans

As red turbans lay in snake coils
Against blue sky we looked up to.


Its curve seems to end
Somewhere, in dentist.

Mouth wonders at curve
As it waits in a balcony.

It watches people turn
At busy street’s curve.

Mouth wonders if ever
It got its teeth into life.

You crowds in streets

Freeze as you are, unstuck in time
Like white Himalayan snow caught

In a motionless vortex of the pines
As a sun that would unfreeze them

At next dawn, himself froze at dusk
As ball of snow that a white widow

Flung at man to freeze honeymoon.
Stop bustling you crowds in streets.