Signature is very way to read.
You say it has no curves in it
Just angles ,alternative facts.

The country has  conscience
Alternative facts to reset to.


The rock

The drill cut through the rock
Until there was no rock
Only a blue sky.


A firangipani tree still blooms
In my village temple’s garden.

Where it hurts, it bleeds milk.
I smell God through peephole

Of a child’s memory enclosed
By the fragrance of its flowers.

That night

That night in Leopold café,
Where bodies fall behind,

Young man with rucksack
Has  a vertical world view.

A man with that rucksack,
Rakes bodies’ autumn-fall.


(In a 2008 terrorist attack at least 10 people eating in Leopold cafe were killed as part of a series of similar attacks in different parts of Mumbai)


The breakfast is happening.
Other things are happening

In other times ,other places.
There was this steady hum

It happened in all the time.
A waiting,a pain of waiting.

And the layers of the world
Keep piling one on another.

Things keep on happening
At nothing by me, whatever.

Nightly beats

Midnight road is shallow from below
And side streets are dark and lonely.

And  the watchman beats a sad road
As poets sit near machines of words.

Watchmen are on their nightly beats,
Sad in the inside roads of their lives.

(Inspired by the watchman in Robert Frost’s poem Acquainted with the night”)

Space and time

Here a talking man is sleeping,
His arms akimbo, feet in the air.

Then were wild gesticulations,
Sweat on brow, fire in the eyes

Now vacant and unconnected.
He no longer exists in a space

But he had happened in time.
Whatever begins shall remain.