In makeshift bed they would lie
And touch a death to feel softly.

Now the year would mingle salt
And difficulty of death with life.

We are idiots inching to a love.
Cold ? He asks and we say very.

(Remembering Dostoevsky’s novel The Idiot)


The old dreamer

Dreams are made of a year gone.
The dreamer has weakening eye
Limited by pharmaceutical tears,

A snow white beard old and wise,
Quivers with quaint wintry poem
In frosted words of an evensong.

(remembering Thomas Hardy’s new year poem The Darkling Thrush)

Praying for time

We are praying for more time
Before they say next in pause.

We look at our wounded skies
To say next and to take breath

Holding to pray for more time.
We pause song to take breath

For a moment and to say next.
We sing Christmas to say next.

(Remembering Praying for Time by George Michael who passed rather too early this Christmas)

Not in ideas

Bus conductor is routine poet
With ticket punching machine.

With a click, there is a journey
Because he is a bus conductor.

Poem is in things, in machine,
In the click of ticket machine

In the square bag on shoulders
Hanging by  the routine poem.

Conductor is in Bangaluru bus
Not in ideas but in our things.

(After a poem Patterson by William Carlos Williams)

Black comedy

When we say tennis ball, it is ping-pong.
We love hyperboles for cathartic quality.

We play our little dramas in silly heads.
It is how the thing plays out in our script.

A script is black comedy , a thing we play.
We are desperate about people we love.


Our bodies disappear in chloroform smell
On the table under green cloth of scalpel.
At times they just disappear in a clay-pot

In flowing rivers, melting snow mountains.
Our spirits are mere words, just tautology.
Our bodies do not exist except in dreams.


It is not silence at the edge of sound
In a brief highway of the paddy fields

That occurs between town and town.
Noisy chickens often cross highroad

And men are found lying on the road
In a helpless pool of drunken silence.

I remember more an awkward silence
That rules as a dialogue breaks down

And all the answers in her eyes do not
Address the questions in your throat.