Keep laughing

Please keep laughing as letters fall,
I laughing at I-self, the leaf falling,
I from the upper case’s only letter.

Fall is only business lonely business.
The comings are all leaves together
But goings are only leaf, lonely leaf.

(referring to E.E. Cummings’ poem l(a” )


They do it

In some hills bodies are not stamped
But carry grass proudly on their heads
As if they are hills under a fresh grass.

As we ask them to the facetious faces
Who does it , now and day and night .
They laugh their faces to say they do.


We wanted to stop all world’s clocks
But neighbor has to catch early local.

Son stops world clocks, in distance.
He is cutting off all world’s phones.

He is packing up the sun and moon
From the other side of the Atlantic.

(Taking off on W. H. Auden’s poem “Stop all the clocks”)

Drunk watchman

Someone had fucked you into being.
You were no less to blame for a liver

Now living in its state of drowsiness.
Gladly you liver ,now gladly you die.

( with echoes from R.L. Stevenson’s poem “Requiem” and Phillip Larkin’s poem “This Be The Verse”

My old books

Books are asleep behind the glass.
They are old with the Alzheimer’s.
The minds are yet Einstein- sharp .

They keep forgetting who they are.
We worry they may unbolt a door
And walk away from night’s sleep.