Its curve seems to end
Somewhere, in dentist.

Mouth wonders at curve
As it waits in a balcony.

It watches people turn
At busy street’s curve.

Mouth wonders if ever
It got its teeth into life.

You crowds in streets

Freeze as you are, unstuck in time
Like white Himalayan snow caught

In a motionless vortex of the pines
As a sun that would unfreeze them

At next dawn, himself froze at dusk
As ball of snow that a white widow

Flung at man to freeze honeymoon.
Stop bustling you crowds in streets.

School bus

A yellow bus goes by a self motion
Steered by its fatalistic bus driver,

Tiny school children are in the bus,
Going to rote multiplication tables

And A for Apples and P for Planet.
Their voices rise like the bee hum.

A driver fatalistic about school bus
Is one-up take on a school system.


We would see the priest dance
A camphor’s flame around God

Lighting our God’s smiling face
And the bell would ring hollow

And a fragrance of God’s smile
Would rise on camphor’s death.

Our God would smile in hollow
From metallic variations of bell

To the dying flame of oil lamp,
A falling fever of bell’s tongue.

Empty light

Stomachs keep their thunders
And empty light in their skies.

Son has to crawl up to the sky
And say his mama and names

Holding his wall’s white alone.
But all the while,a night stares

Empty light stares unfinished,
At a piece of boom from night.


I find myself contradicting .
I am a little too small now
And I forget what I say big

Whatever I say I just forget
What I contained in a past.
I forget my old multitudes.

And I forget I am the same
Bumbling contradicted self
A little small from old self.