The sea is calm and stone statues
Still and point the fingers to east.

The sea piles stones upon stones
Of several sons through the ages.

Stone statues went still long ago.
They never tire of pointing ships.

Sea mourns a son all night long
While the statues are still as ever.


Sea and sky

We now see our visceral world
As we exist here facing the sea.

Sea was world we experienced
When we had begun in a mom.

Now sea is our world opposite.
We will soon see a sky, belly up.

Autumn leaves

You watch autumn in window
As leaves are falling like used

Words falling from old bodies.
You  now watch out a window

And  you will hear leaves fall
Like creeping noise of winter.

Winter comes in the old knees.
They fall like autumn’s leaves.



By the side of footpath, at dawn
With turquoise sea a little away

You find the stone of the statue
Of  leader petrified in his hand.

Stone hand points  new politics
Where people are voting hands

And they are his hand statistics
In percentages, living and dead.



A sea erases moon and sun
On the sky onto the clouds.

It erases horizon near ship.
It erases ships in high seas.

It erases earthly memories.
It erases minds off the men.

The sea erases all our loves
Along with the attachments.


Crowd is a dawn’s images
As asynchronous sounds.

Crowd shouts like crows
At dawn, to wake up sea.

Sea in turn wakes snails
Bleary in their eye holes.

They come out and make
Tiny holes in sea’s waves.

Drowning holes

In the November of our lives
We  are heading to far  seas

Where sea’s snails drill holes
To drown by each sea wave,

Holes like kids’ swirling tops
Losing a momentum to spin.